Fair Labor Standards Act
Davis Bacon & Related Acts
Service Contract Act

As an expert witness, it is my objective to search for the facts and apply the principles of the wage laws in question as I would were I still a compliance specialist for the Wage and Hour Division of the U. S. Department of Labor.

If you retain me as an expert, I will provide a clear and comprehensive report including the basis and reasons for all of my expressed opinions. I will identify all data or other information that I have considered in forming my opinions.

I have been retained as an expert in federal district court proceedings on the following issues:

  • Whether opposing expert applied the practices of a Wage and Hour compliance officer in evaluating the facts as he claimed he did
  • Exemptions from overtime for executive, administrative and professional employees
  • College intern employment relationship
  • Calculating the regular rate of pay for overtime compensation
  • Fluctuating workweek method of pay and resulting overtime compensation
  • Responsibility for accurate record-keeping
  • Seasonal, recreation and amusement exemption
  • Tipped employees

Details of my expert witness testimony are available on my CV upon request.

I also have extensive experience in the public sector, especially the application of the FLSA to law enforcement and fire protection employees.