Sometimes as a condition of a court supervised settlement, an employer is required to engage the services of a compliance monitor to train employees and/or supervisors about their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Labor Standards Act and to conduct onsite quarterly monitoring of the firm’s compliance with the FLSA.  Based upon my former career with the DOL, I know what needs to be done and appreciate the urgency with which it needs to be done.
As a compliance monitor I am dedicated to assisting employers achieve and maintain compliance simply and cost-effectively.  Keeping up with your wage and hour obligations can be a significant challenge and one significant error can mar your good record and result in compounded legal exposure and expenses.

My services are customized to fit your needs and may include:

  • Onsite monitoring visits as frequently as warranted.
  • Technical assistance during onsite monitoring visits to identify and correct noncompliance issues.
  • Monitoring reports which may address findings of noncompliance, recommendations for corrective action, and/or technical assistance.
  • Monitoring of an employee hot line.
  • Reviewing corrective action documentation and determining resolution of compliance issues.